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By adding several international pharmacies to our network we are now able to provide many generic and brand-name medications that are not available in Canada.

What does that mean for you?

You not only save over your local pharmacy, you save over filling your prescriptions at Canadian pharmacies too!

...the price isn't the only way you save

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An evolution of the International Generics Program

In 2004, after a limited run in an effort to gauge customer satisfaction and response, we unofficially introduced the International Generics Program (IGP). The IGP is one of the first programs of its kind to be launched by a Canadian Prescription Broker in response to Big Pharma's increased pressure on Canadian prescription companies like ours. Just as its name implies, the International Generics Program was aimed at providing customers with the generic versions of medications that were only available as brand names in Canada.

The RxSelect Program is the evolution of IGP and the result of our constant search to find where in the world to find the lowest price medications for our clients. All pharmaceuticals obtained through our RxSelect Program are either generic equivalents of approved brand name drugs manufactured in UK MHRA, Australian TGA, US Food and Drug Administration, German PIC and Health Canada inspected facilities located overseas in India or brand name medications made by the same manufacturers as you get at your local pharmacy but for resale in the EU and other countries such as New Zealand and Australia.

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